A message from John Cassanto.

A Pioneer in the commercialization of space since 1982.

ITA has provided low-cost, turnkey access to space of its flight-proven hardware for microgravity research. Now, BSE (BioSpace Experiments) is exclusively using ITA’s hardware providing affordablle turnkey access to μ-g space research.  ITA's proven experience and expertise in μ-g space research has permitted its customers to fly their microgravity payloads with our flight-proven hardware - on the Space Shuttle, sounding rockets, low-gravity aircraft, orbital re-entry vehicles, Mir, and the International Space Station. ITA looks ahead to further customize and adapt to the needs of μ-g space research.  Whatever the need, ITA will produce the hardware required to allow clients to obtain all that weightlessness of outerspace gives to science. OUR WEBSITE IS CURRENTLY UNDER RE-DESIGN, PLEASE VISIT OUR SISTER COMPANY, BIOSPACE EXPERIMENTS.
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